Professional Liability Insurance, What Is It Exactly?

Professional Liability InsuranceWhether your organization utilizes many advisors or you work out of a home office, and you profit from providing certain services to others, you’re required to have Professional Liability protection.

Otherwise called Errors and Omissions Insurance or Professional Indemnity Insurance, Professional Liability protection is your most needed coverage. Proficient Liability protection secures you and your business from unexpected instances brought about by expert carelessness or failure to perform your expert obligations. This may incorporate mistakes and oversights resulting in your customer’s loss of data, programming or framework breach.

Today many customers are taking more cautious measures in hiring independent contractors or subcontractors based on, whether or not they possess suitable liability coverage that protects their investment if something were to go wrong.

Proficient Liability protection may be written in your agreement along these lines: “Contractor will uphold at its expense: Professional Liability protection in the sum of $1,000,000 including coverage for errors and omissions caused by carelessness and negligence on a Contractors behalf.

There are a lot of things to learn and look out for when protecting your investments and the things you consider important.  Mona Lisa Insurance takes the time to properly educate and assist our clients to avoid unfortunate incidents by providing affordable Professional Liability Insurance. If you have any questions about your current coverage’s or are thinking about getting new coverage, call Mona Lisa Insurance at 954-703-5763 or if you have questions you need answered email