Health & Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance helps provide you and your family extra protection from the costs of unexpected incidents such as accidents, cancer and disability. I can review your current health care benefits for any coverage gaps and help you identify what additional coverage you may need—helping protect your financial security.

  • Cancer Insurance
    This supplemental insurance pays you benefits that can be used for non-medical, cancer-related expenses that health insurance might not cover. In addition to other insurance you may have, like medical and disability income, cancer insurance can be used to fill a benefit gap from your other policies. Benefits are paid as you go and cover the actual costs of specific treatments and expenses (up to the maximum allowed) as they happen.
  • Accident Insurance
    This supplemental insurance helps provide a financial cushion to help cover medical expenses and living costs when you get hurt unexpectedly. This coverage can pay you a lump sum benefit for either on or off-the-job injuries. You can use this policy on its own or to fill a gap left by other coverage. If an injury does disrupt your life, it doesn’t have to shake your financial security.
  • Disability Income Insurance
    Helps protect your financial security by providing a source of income when you’re unable to work in your own occupation because of an injury or illness. Your "own occupation" is the job you held at the time you became disabled. This income can help cover your bills, support your family and protect your hard-earned savings.