5 Tips to get Affordable Commercial Insurance in Fort Lauderdale

commercial-vehicle-discountsPart of your role as a successful entrepreneur is to know that with all opportunities that your business may present you, there are also innumerable risks that accompany it. Given the rampant trend today of fake offers and false advertisements, you will only rest assured when you know that the kind of coverage that you have is not only from a reputable insurance provider, but is also capable of protecting your multimillion venture. For a business that is just being set up, it is important to ensure that it is protected against all manner of risks.

If you are only trying to set up your business, it is understandable if you are short on cash. But this is in no way to mean that you should avoid providing coverage to your business. There are affordable commercial insurance in Fort Lauderdale. You only need to know how to go about it. The following are tips that if you follow, will enable you to get really nice coverage but at cheaper costs.

1). Carry out a risk assessment

The first step towards getting a nice deal is to make a comprehensive risk assessment of the business that you own before getting into purchasing the policy. This is best done by contracting an advisor to do the risk assessment for you. This gives you a clear picture of what exactly your business needs.

2). Shop around

Sometimes, you can get the best deal by simply comparing quotes offered by different insurance providers. The internet can help you a lot in doing research regarding how to get the best quotes. Commercial insurance providers can be very competitive at times which means that they may be able to lower their rates if they are convinced that you are out to get the best price.

3). Install anti-theft gadgets

Part of commercial insurance is providing coverage to the vehicles that your company uses. To make these commercial vehicles safer, as well as reduce the risks of theft, you need to install air bags, GPS navigation systems, seat belts as well as advanced anti-theft gadgets. By convincing insurance companies that your motor vehicles have reduced chances of being vandalized or being broken into, it is likely that they will give you very affordable rates.

4). Use brokers
If you do not have enough time to shop around and get the best rates, then your best bet is to approach a reputable insurance broker. These brokers have vast knowledge regarding the best deals in commercial insurance. However, you first have to explain the nature of your business to the broker, as this makes him give you the best advice possible. While going cheap is certainly no brilliance, paying more is also not being intelligent. Insurance brokers are able to combine the right amount of “affordability” and coverage that is just what your business needs.

5). Avoid the scammers

In your quest to get cheap commercial insurance in Fort Lauderdale, you may make serious mistakes that can take a lifetime to undo. Do not get carried away by the cheap insurance mantra and forget about important things like checking the financial base of your insurer. This is important because you want to be compensated should anything happen. At Mona Lisa Insurance we’ll ensure that your business gets the right coverage as well as protection. And give you the peace of mind.